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It's Christmas Time In the City

Posted by Arrowhead Roofing on Nov 20, 2019 2:04:00 PM

If you're a woman you've probably been nagging your husband to get the lights put up out on the roof, and if you're a husband you're probably sick of the Christmas decoration boxes laying around from your wife trying to get the inside of the house decorated. Am I wrong? Maybe. Maybe not, but let's talk inspiration. Maybe this is your first year in your home and maybe you've been there for 20. Maybe your dear sweet wife has requested a new theme this year...either way - it's going to be okay.

We'll start with a couple front door options:

Simple and elegant

Farmhouse inspired

Cozy cabin feel

Now let's talk about the yard. Sometimes these can get out of hand, and before you know it you've found yourself in a tangled electrical mess!

Simple and classy

Easy squeezy lemon peasy 

And then... there's this.

Keep in mind, the more lights you hang the higher your electric bill is for the month! And remember these few tricks for attaching lights to your roof or in the yard:

  • Light clips are a must
  • untangle all strands before trying to attach them
  • remember ladder safety
  • check your strands before you hang them

Good luck, and seasons greetings!

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